1866    Established by Johann Rosenbauer as trading company for fire department loose equipment in Linz, Austria
1906  Began producing fire pumps and components
1919  Began producing fire fighting vehicles
1926  Began exporting to China
1968  Moved to new factory at Leonding (near Linz)
1976  Exports represented over 50% of total sales Participated in Rosenbauer AG, Switzerland
1983  Participated in Rosenbauer Española S.A., Spain
1988  Reorganized Konrad Rosenbauer K.G. - Rosenbauer International GmbH
1990  Acquired M-U-T Feuerwehrtechnik Gesellschaft mbH (production facility Neidling, Austria)
1991  Acquired SK Rosenbauer PTE Ltd., Singapore (former SK Fire PTE Ltd.)
1992  Converted Rosenbauer International GmbH into AG
1994  Shares of Rosenbauer International AG are publicly traded
1995  Participated in General Safety Equipment LLC., Minnesota, USA
1998  Acquired the Metz Aerials Group in Germany Participated in Central States Fire Apparatus LLC., South Dakota, USA
2000  Participated in RK Aerials LLC., Nebraska, USA
2003  Participated in Rosenbauer Motors LLC., Minnesota, USA
2006  Foundation of Rosenbauer South Africa
2009  Russian production joint venture started
2011  Biggest-ever order in history - Rosenbauer to supply 245 m€ worth of vehicles to Saudi Arabia

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